VAT Returns

Congresbury Accountancy Services will assist in helping you register for VAT if your business reaches the VAT threshold limit, or deregister for VAT if your turnover falls below the deregistration threshold.

Normally payment of VAT is on a quarterly basis. Calculation of your VAT, submission of your return and payment of VAT must be done on time or you will incur penalties, fines and potentially an investigation.

VAT is calculated based on Outputs (Sales) and Inputs (Purchases) or via the VAT Flat Rate Scheme, careful consideration must be made to ensure that VAT is calculated accurately. Let me help you calculate your VAT accurately and ensure that you are not paying any more VAT than is absolutely necessary. I can also file the quarterly VAT return online with HMRC on your behalf.

Service Includes

Help register for VAT
Calculate quartlery VAT
Avoid late payment penalties
Submit VAT On-Line
Save money